Freezing our Rumpass off in Bumpass

3 Degrees had a great showing at the Rumpus in Bumpass Sprint/Olympic triathlons. Special thanks to Traci’s parents for letting a bunch of us use their beautiful cabin as well. It was great to get a practice swim in the night before the race to help us get over the fear of swimming in such cold water.

On race morning, the temperatures were cold but the water was measured at a balmy 52 degrees so I guess we had nothing to worry about…. Yeah right. The race started right on time and I quickly learned a lesson to share with everyone else who invested the money in our sweet new short sleeved tri-suits. I decided to swim with the suit all the way on under my wetsuit and won’t be doing that again. The combination of the sleeves from the suit under the full sleeved wetsuit but some noticeable resistance on my shoulders during the swim. Definitely something to practice with before being surprised by it on race morning!

After finishing the swim, either warmed up or too numb to feel anything, the bike course went pretty smooth but I would like to take a moment of silence for the poor squirrel that was decapitated viciously by Brian’s front wheel, sending him over the handlebars and out of the race.

RIP little guy… and Brian’s helmet.

The bike course at Bumpass is 2 loops on a lightly rolling and really beautiful route. I guess I didn’t realize how frozen my feet had become until I tried to run on them after the dismount line. It was like there were two large blocks of ice where my feet used to be. They didn’t end up warming back up until a few miles into the run.

The run course itself is also rolling hills and being two loops of an out and back let us all see each other along the way. It was great to see all the 3D kits out there. After finishing the run, all of the 3D members that finished would come together and cheer on the next finishers.

Sharing the weekend with so many of the other members really made the race experience so much better and it was awesome to see a complete podium sweep by the ladies in their division. The camaraderie amongst this team is what makes it such a great group to be a part of and I look forward to sharing many more races with everyone in the future.


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